Green is good


Green is good

Our commitment to growing good food — and doing good in the world — is more than skin deep.

We are wholeheartedly committed to growing and sourcing avocados, citrus and exotic fruit that not only has excellent flavor, but also provides sustainable nourishment and creates a positive impact that’s built to last. We love to grow and, because our trees thrive in the world’s optimum producing regions, we can ensure a consistent, year-round supply for our customers and a good eating experience for our consumers.

Our story

Eco Farms 50th Anniversary
With five decades of growing experience, we are proud to say we were the first to grow and market organic avocados in the USA in 1972 when nurturing and growing organics was still niche.

An image of orange trees with oranges.

As proud pioneers in this space, we knew it was important to create a mainstream, exceptional year-round avocado program with both organic and conventional offerings. Today, our more than 250 acres of farmland also includes conventional avocados, organic citrus and delicious exotic fruits.

An image of a hand picking an avocado from a tree.

Partners perfectly picked

In 2020 we combined forces with Oppy, a premier grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce. Together, we’ve expanded our ability to deliver year-round, high quality fruit with a combined global supply chain, logistics and services that are second to none.

Our products

Organic & conventional


Our extensive and exceptional year-round program provides consistent, dependable and outstanding avocados. We don’t leave taste to chance — we use sophisticated packing and ripening technology to measure dry matter and pressures in the fruit, for a flavorful, high-quality eating experience you can count on!

In California, we grow and pack a range of green-skinned avocado varieties — the winter assortment consists of Zutano, Bacon, Ettinger, and Fuerte while our summer selection features the Reed variety. Our main variety, Hass, is grown in California in addition to being sourced from multiple countries of import such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

We use sustainable growing practices, so our avocados make you feel good inside—for many different reasons.



We apply the same best-in-class care and attention to our organic citrus. We are inspired by what we do each day and are invigorated by the opportunity to do even more good in the world tomorrow on our farms. Nothing is more motivating or iconic than bright, vibrant citrus fruit grown in the sweet, California sunshine. Our varieties include Navels, Valencias, Marsh Ruby and Star Ruby grapefruit, Cara Caras, Lemons, Meyer Lemons, Golden Nuggets, Tango Tangerines and Blood Oranges.

Organic & Conventional


Our exotic offerings include dragon fruit and kumquats. From the brilliant bright pop of sunshine that the tiny kumquat offers, to the spikey bright pink skin of the Dragon Fruit, these fruits are unusually delicious, and a must try!

Our services

Ripening Services

With strategically located ripening services throughout the U.S. and Canada, we can deliver the ripe and ready Avocado to meet your specifications. Select bulk fruit or bagged Avocados to your specifications. We offer private label programs, too!

Grow with us

Better together

Our powerful sales and marketing capabilities are ready to go to work for you.

As one of the most established avocado providers in North America with solid retail, wholesale and foodservice relationships throughout the USA and beyond, we believe that growers working together as one united entity is a win for all. Together, we build meaningful retail programs, reduce costs and enjoy synergies in packaging, resources, supply chain and more. For further information on growing with Eco Farms please contact [email protected].


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